Blind Spot - 2015, University of Maine Museum of Art, Bangor, ME

Crawler, 2015, plastic, fiberfill, 21x41x20"

Crawler, Double Hung, 2015, installation view.                  Crawler, top view.

Gather, 2015, drypoint on paper, 11x13"                Steps, 2015, drypoint on paper, 11x13"

Alphabet, 2013-14, ceramic forms, dimensions variable.

Hold, 2015, fabric, ink. 19x25x16"             Pull, 2015, drypoint on paper, 20x18.5"

Crotch, 2015, two-color woodcut on Kozo, 55.5 x 40"

Throat, 2015, ceramic, 16x13x8"                  Attic, 2015, plywood, steel wire, 18x17x24"

Hide (detail)                          Hide, 2015, plywood, steel wire, ink, 72x60x70"

Blind Spot, 2015, exhibition view.

(Photos of Blind Spot by Mike Fleming)