Makeshift - 2010, Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME

The Great Haul, 2010, sheet plastic, thread, staples, 20x20x18 feet

The Great Haul, 2010, installation view from the second floor, and a detail (above).

The Great Haul, 2010, installation view with kids.

Inflatable Drypoint #2, 2010, 12x14"        Inflatable Drypoint #5, 2010, 12x10"

Inflatable Drypoint #4, 2010, drypoint print on paper, 50x23"

Full Blown, 2010, plastic, tape, air-blower. Deflated, on left, inflated, on right,
14x14x14 feet.

Cyanotype #6, 2009, inkjet print on paper, 48x36"

Cyanotype #28, 2009, inkjet on paper, 36x30"     Cyanotype #8, 2009, inkjet on paper, 36x28"

(Photos of Makeshift by Scott Peterman)